Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A Show for the Ghosts - Live at Central State Sick Hospital

We Are Hex - A Show for the Ghosts / Live at Central State Sick Hospital / Indianapolis, IN

We invited ourselves in one late November night with some music gear a few mics a generator and a mobile recording rig. Central Indiana Hospital for the Insane was a psychiatric treatment hospital that closed for good in 1994 (all the buildings are abandon and falling apart besides one that is now housing the Indiana History of Medicine Museum) . A handful of the buildings on the sizable campus are still standing and we just picked one with easy access. Established in 1896 Central State opened with five patients and by 1928 close to 3,000 patients called the hospital home.

Our main goal was to show up and do some on the spot improvisation pieces or "jams" and get it all recorded then get out. "Tumbler" was a piece we had spent a little time on at the haus and decided to give it a go in this session, the rest of this set is all improve. All the songs were recorded in one take weather we liked it or not. We waited as long as we could for the mushrooms and heeby jeebies to kick in before we started off this show.

Patient abuse was a huge reason for Central State closing its doors. Its said that employees would kill,beat, and rape patients and often bury the bodies in the yards of the hospital.

I hope that some of them heard the show.

A Show for the Ghosts (Live at Central State Sick Hospital - Indianapolis, IN) by wearehex

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